SIAT Game of Minds 2023

The event that unites financial market operators and the academic world in support of financial literacy.

Powered by Deloitte Consulting

26 MaY 2023 - Online

The event is organized by SIAT and powered by Deloitte Consulting!

Why attend?

Game of Minds-organized by SIAT and powered by Deloitte Consulting-is a nonprofit, high social impact project, a crossroads where the institutional world of financial markets and academia, represented by researchers, professors and students, meet exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge.

Our goal is to promote financial education while having fun together, with an authentic, candid and informal approach.

Game of Minds includes among its initiatives the Trading & Investment Campus, with an agenda reserved for insiders to explore technical aspects, industry news and future visions together.

Also planned is the Game of Minds contest in its second edition: a financial education competition that puts all universities in Italy in competition, also open to non-economic disciplines, to accompany new generations into the world of economics and finance, a world that belongs to everyone, no one excluded.

Help us spread financial literacy: find out how to be part of the team as a sponsor, by proposing topics, initiatives or by applying to be a speaker. Most importantly, join us by attending the event for free online streaming!

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SIAT is the nonprofit association that has been accompanying you in the world of financial markets since 1986, and the event is powered by Deloitte Consulting.

Please note: if you are not a student, you cannot participate in the contest, but if you are a professional or represent a company, you can attend the day’s fantastic speeches and network.

You will soon find lots more information on this page about the past event and the one to come. In the meantime, sign up for the waiting list!

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